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All your questions about our custom jewelry answered!

  • How durable are the wire rings?
    Most of the rings are made out of enameled copper wire. That means there’s a colored coat around a copper wire core. This coating is quite durable as long as it isn’t brushing against something rough or abrasive. That being said, I would not recommend wearing these rings while doing a job or hobby that is rough on your hands, nor would I recommend sleeping with them on. Be gentle with your ring and it can easily last for years! :)
  • Can I get my ring wet?
    Gentle rinsing with soap and water, or getting caught in the rain should not hurt the rings. However showering or bathing with them on is not recommended. The less wear and tear the better!
  • How adjustable are the rings?
    Copper is a very flexible metal, so you should be able to effortlessly adjust the rings by hand- no special tools needed! If no size is mentioned in the order notes, I make my rings around a size 7. Some of my designs are more adjustable than others, but generally you should be able to make the ring fit 2 sizes bigger or smaller. So a size 7 ring should be able to accommodate between a size 5-9 (US ring size). I definitely recommend mentioning your size if you know it! I make all of them to order, so if you have a size 10, I can make my design without you having to do much adjusting. :)
  • How do I make my ring bigger/smaller?
    If you find the ring is too small, you can make it larger by pulling the sides out. Hold the ring where the wire wrap is on the sides and gently pull them away from each other to open the design a bit. If the ring is too big, put it on the finger you want it to fit and and gently squeeze it closer together. Do this by putting pressure against the band, or the wire wrapping on the sides. Just be careful not to squeeze it too tight against your skin because you might bend it funny when you want to take it off. You want it just snug enough so it won’t fall off your finger. :)
  • Help, the wires are out of place!
    No worries! You can always reference the images in the shop to see how the design is supposed to look. If you find the ends running into each other or overlapping, you can push one end of the design up and one down with the pad of your thumb, but make sure you're still wearing it while you do to keep the ring's round shape. If some of the loops are sticking up oddly, just press them down, but again, do this while you're wearing it to keep the ring's shape. If you’re having trouble restoring the shape of your ring, feel free to send me a message and I’d be happy to help guide you through it.
  • Help, the color is starting to chip off!
    While the color coating on the wires is quite durable, chipping can still happen after heavy use, or even one rough mishap. Some colors are more prone to chipping than others, and though the manufacturing of the wires is beyond my control, I do inspect each ring to make sure there are no flaws. Unfortunately there isn’t much that can be done once the color comes off, so please message me if you’re experiencing any chipping within 14 days of receiving your ring. I’d be more than happy to make it right. As long as you’re good and gentle to your rings, they should last a long time! :)
  • Can you make a custom ring of [this character]?
    Absolutely! And it doesn’t have to be a character either. General shapes, animals, pride flags, you name it, I’d be happy to help create it. Feel free to message me directly for details, or check out my Request A Character listing in the shop. I am also open to suggestions for ideas of other shows/fandoms to make rings for! :)
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